Have you ever wished you could curate your Instagram feed? Well, Instaplan is the tool for that!

Instaplan allows you to plan and design your Instagram feed before you post it. This great for if you want to plan out your feed for your business, or around a theme, or just to make sure your vacation photos are displayed in the order you want them to.
To get started, you’ll enter in your Instagram username.

This will load your feed, and then you can drag the photos around into the order you want. To upload new photos to your feed, click the + at the bottom of the page and it will open up a window where you can select photos from your hard drive.

The export feature allows you to save your work, so you always retain what order the images were in when you’re done planning.
Then you can upload your photos in the order you’ve created, so that it matches how you planned out your feed.


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