Make space on your PC

Need to make room on your PC? Let’s check out some easy steps that can clear up a ton of space.

Let’s start by typing Storage in your search box and clicking on the results.


Or click on Settings.


Then choose System.


Then Storage.


Under Storage, click This PC.


Scroll down to Temporary Files and click.


You’ll see a list of suggested file categories to delete. Windows 10 does a pretty good job of explaining what types of files each category contains. Tick the box next to the files you wish to delete and then click on Remove files.  The total amount of space that will be cleared up is listed at the top. Plus, each category shows you how much space is freed up if those files are deleted. My PC is only a couple of months old and I was able to clear up nearly 4 GB.


The cleanup will take a few minutes.


It’s also a good idea to check your Downloads folder. There may be some items there that you can move somewhere else, but you may also find things like documents you’ve already used or installer files that you no longer need.

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