Vicious new virus hits

Cyber-criminals keep getting better and better at their job. A nasty new piece of malware that does double duty has been detected by the security experts at Trend Micro. It’s called Virobot and this multi-purpose malware can really mess up your computer.

Once it sneaks onto your PC, it will then begin the process of encrypting all of your files. Once your files are encrypted it displays a ransom message. Even though it’s hitting PCs in the US, the message Trend Micro came across displayed in French.


But that’s not all it does. It also contains a keylogger that can records all of the keystrokes typed on your PC. It can also then download and execute other malware on your PC and turn your computer into a device for delivering malware to others.

It can then take over Outlook on an infected PC and send copies of the virus to everyone on your contact list. Pretty nasty, right?

Your best bet to protect against threats like this is to be very careful when clicking on links in emails or visiting sites. You also need to make sure you have virus protection enabled and up-to-date. Right now, this particular malware seems to be unable to lock systems because their server was taken down, but that usually doesn’t stop these crooks for long. They could be up and running again in no time. As always, be vigilant.

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