Protect your Facebook from hackers

Here’s a quick tip on how you can keep hackers from making off with your Facebook page. You can set your account to notify you in case anyone logs on from an unfamiliar device. Here’s how to do it on a browser.

Click the little arrow on the upper right of your feed.


Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Choose Security and Login from the panel on the left.


At the top, you’ll see an option to be alerted when someone logs in from an unrecognized device.


Below that, you’ll also see a list of all the devices where you’re logged onto Facebook. This is a great way to see if anyone else is using your account or if you’ve accidentally left your account up on another device, say a shared work computer.


You can click the 3-dot menu icon for the options to report and unauthorized login or to log out of a device you meant to log off from.


To be immediately notified of unfamiliar logins, click the Edit button next to Security and Login.


You can choose Facebook notification, Messenger notification, or to be notified by email.


Or click on Add another email or mobile number.  You can then add additional emails or choose to get a text when an unusual login occurs.


If you receive an alert about an unusual login and tell Facebook that you aren’t the one logging in, they’ll lock the account and give you instructions for resetting your password.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to take care of this on the mobile app.


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