Sygic Travel Maps

It surprises me how much I travel for work. It is an unexpected component of my job, and has sent me all over the country in my first year. One of the things I like to do when I travel is plan cool things to see and do when I’m in new places.

One tool I’ve been playing with to discover things to do and create a custom travel itinerary for my trips is Sygic Travel Maps.

It’s a free platform that allows you to discover, and then put together a custom plan for your travels. To get started, click Open Sygic Maps. By default, the map will load at your current location, so if you’re planning ahead of time you’ll want to use the search feature to put in your intended destination. It will then auto-populate attractions near that location for you to check out.

If you click on an attraction and think it looks like a sweet thing to add to your visit, you can easily add it to your trip with the click of a button. The map also helps you find hotels, rental cars, and offers guides to areas.

Once you’ve crafted your trip be sure to create an account and save your itinerary. Once it’s saved you can also sync to the mobile app version so you can take it with you.


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