Small Taskbar buttons

I answered a question about a missing search box in Windows 10. (You can click here to read that.)  A reader pointed out another issue that could cause your search box to disappear.

“The one thing you did not point out in this tip, was that in the Taskbar settings you must turn off (Use small taskbar buttons). If Use small Taskbar Buttons is set to yes, you will never get the search box to display.”

Excellent points. Let’s take a look at that feature.  Here’s how my taskbar looks with the default button size.


Now, I’ll right-click on a blank spot on the taskbar and choose Taskbar settings from the pop-up menu.


When Taskbar settings open, I’ll choose to slide Use small taskbar buttons on.


As you can see, the buttons got a lot smaller and the search box disappeared. This can be a useful setting if you like to keep a large number of programs pinned to the taskbar.


To access Search, you’ll need to click the round button next to the Start menu.


Then type your search in.





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