How to build a cardboard Dalek costume

I found this site because my Yoga teacher told me that her son wanted to dress up as a Dalek for Halloween and she was looking for some ideas on how to make a costume.

If you aren’t familiar with Daleks, they are the big baddies on the long-running sci-fi series, Doctor Who (It’s been on for 55 years!)  I did a little searching and found this handy tutorial that shows you how to create a pretty good looking costume out of scraps, common household items, and some inexpensive craft supplies.

It’s a fun and fairly inexpensive project for a family to do together. Though if the kids are small, you’ll want to give a hand cutting out the cardboard.

Now, this is not the slickest costume I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of what I like about it. This looks like something you could actually achieve at home and not one of those perfectly finished masterpieces you could never hope to recreate.

Click here to check it out:


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