Yahoo text too small!

A reader is not happy with the new Yahoo Mail.

“I got switched to New Yahoo mail in an upgrade when the computer was idle. My question is there any way to enlarge the print size? the print is so small I have to strain to read it either that or get a magnifying glass. There is no tab to switch to classic mail or I would not be sending this! Please Help!!!!”

The way to switch back to Classic is not readily visible. You need to click the settings icon at the right of the inbox.  Then scroll to the very bottom of the drop-down menu.


And click on Switch to Classic Mail.


This menu is also where you can make the text in the inbox look larger.  By default, Small Inbox spacing is selected. Here’s what it looks like.


Switching to Large can make it much easier to read.


Here’s what the inbox looks like.


I agree that the fonts are small and they really could use some more options to increase the size other than increasing the magnification of your browser.


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