Windows 10: Pen and touch input

One of the nice features of Windows 10 is the ability to use a stylus or your finger to write notes on touchscreen devices and have them turned into editable text. Programs like OneNote and Word offer this option, let’s take a look at how to use it.

Remember, this is for touchscreen devices only!  Start by right-clicking on a blank spot on your taskbar.

Click on Show touch keyboard button to put a check beside it.


The keyboard icon will appear in your system tray. Tap it to open.


When the on-screen keyboard opens, click the gear icon at the left.


From the pop-up menu, choose the handwriting input.


You’ll get this Window where you can write with a stylus and see the results displayed in text.


To customize the handwriting recognition, clicked the keyboard icon at the top left and choose Settings.


Under Pen & Windows Ink. you’ll be able to select right-handed or left-handed and whether to ignore touch input when you’re using a pen.


Under Handwriting, you can customize your settings by selecting whether you can write directly in a text field and the size and style of font. You can also choose to be able to write with your fingertip instead of a stylus.


Tap Improve recognition.


And learn how to train your PC to recognize your writing.


You can also customize your Windows pen if your device has one.


It can be a handy feature if you prefer writing to typing.


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