Help! Flash won’t work!

A librarian is having an issue because of the planned phaseout of Flash Player.

“Hi! I have a question that I hope you can enlighten me on. Does Adobe Flash Player work with any of the browsers – Edge, Firefox, or Chrome? If so, how can I get it to work? I am aware that Flash is being phased out and soon will not work at all. I work at a library and many of the websites that my patrons have to use still operate with Flash. Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of trouble getting these websites to work properly. This is what I had been doing:

1. Opened the website in Google Chrome

2. Opened chrome://components and checked to see if Flash needed updating 3. Opened chrome://settings — Advanced — Content Settings — Flash

Once the Flash settings opened, there was a place you could add websites to allow Flash. Next, I would refresh the website, and the flash content would work. This option is gone now. Thank you so much for your help and insight. Tech Tips is one of the few newsletters I actually open and read all the way through.”

One of the things the disabling of Flash hasn’t taken into consideration is that many sites still require it.

In the latest version of Chrome, you cannot blanket enable Flash Player. It must be enabled every single time you visit a site. Start by clicking the little lock at the left of the address bar.


Then choose to allow Flash from the pop-up menu.


If you don’t see Flash in the pop-up menu, click Site settings. Then scroll down to Flash and choose Allow.


You’ll need to repeat this step with every session. Firefox and Edge also require similar permissions. Only Internet Explorer will run Flash without special permission.


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