Batch resize photos using Automator

Yesterday, I told you about Automator, a built-in feature for Mac that can make repetitive tasks much simpler. (Click here to read the article.)

Today, I’ll show you how to use Automator to do a fairly simple task, resizing multiple photos at once.

Open Automator.


Click File at the top right and choose New from the drop-down menu.


For this workflow, we’ll choose Application.


Select Photos from the Library panel.


From the Actions panel, select Ask for Photos and drag it over into the blank space.


Then scroll down to Scale images. Drag and drop it into the blank space.


You’ll see this pop-up. Go ahead and click Add.


When you’re finished, you’ll see these three actions displayed in the large panel. You can select the size you want images scaled to by typing in the box and choose where the copies are saved under Copy Finder Items.


Now, it’s time to save your action by clicking File and choosing Save.


Name it whatever you like. Notice where the file is being saved. In this case, in the Applications folder.


To use, I’ll open Applications and click on the app I’ve created.


A small window will open, allowing you to select the photos you wish to resize. Click choose when finished.


Automator will then resize the images and save copies to your selected location.


There are tons more things you can do and I’m just learning them.  I’ll share more as I figure it out.





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