Customize Command Prompt

Command Prompt is a feature in Windows that allows you to execute custom commands by typing them into the Command line. For most users, it’s something you only use when you’re trying to troubleshoot a problem or make a change. Other folks use it more often. But even those frequent users, may not know that you can customize the look of Command Prompt. Let me show you how.

To open, type Command Prompt into the search box and click on the result.


This window will open.


To customize the look, right-click at the top of the window. Choose Properties from the drop-down menu that opens.


Under Options, you can adjust the size of the cursor, enable text wrapping, or choose to use Insert mode.


If you sometimes have issues seeing the cursor, you’ll appreciate how it appears when you choose Large.


Click the Font tab and you’ll see options to not only change the style, but greatly increase the size. Again, this can be a huge help to those who struggle with the tiny default text size.


Click the Layout tab to adjust the size and position of the Command window. A preview will show you the relative position and size of the adjustments on your desktop.


Click the Colors tab and you’ll be able to adjust colors for the background, the text, and even make the window transparent by adjusting the opacity.


Here’s a gray background with blue text and a transparent look.









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