Get to know Mac widgets

If you’re new to Apple’s Mac computers, you might not know that there are several widgets available. Widgets are small programs that do things like tell time and give you the weather. Let’s take a look at how to find them.

Open Finder, click on Applications, and then on Dashboard.


When it opens you’ll see a view like this.  Here we have Calculator, Calendar, Weather, and Clock.


To add additional widgets, click the + button at the bottom left of the screen.


You’ll be able to choose from several options. Just click a Widget to add it to the Dashboard.


To remove a widget from the Dashboard, click the minus button. An X will appear on all of your widgets. Just click the X on the ones you want to remove.


To make the widgets more easily available, you might want to move the Dashboard to your Dock for easy access. Just click on Dashboard in applications and drag it to the Dock.


Want to add Widgets to your desktop? Well, that’s a slightly more complicated process. We’ll get into how to do that next week.






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  1. Thanks for the good info. I’ve not followed mac Apple comments because I’m pc-based. However I’m considering purchase of an Apple computer because Apple is evidently more concerned about curbing third party party access. Is this so? And, will I have a difficult time switching to a new platform having been pc-based for 30 years.?

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