Switch Office to another device

A reader wants to move his Office subscription to a new device.

“I have an active Office 365 subscription from Microsoft and it is for one device only. I want to move this subscription to a new laptop, how do I go about it? My new laptop is running Win.10 home edition. The old laptop is also running Win.10 but it was hit with so much virus and I am going to donate it.”

One of the great features of the Office 365 subscription is that it’s easy to move it to another device. You can handle all of this from your new PC.

Here’s how to do it. Go to https://products.office.com/en-US/?ms.url=office365com.  If you aren’t already logged in, sign in with the username and password for your Microsoft account.


Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your name at the top of the page.


Click Services and subscriptions at the top of the page.


Under Office 365, click Installs.


Select Sign out of Office to deactivate Office on the device.


Now you can click the Install Office button to Install and activate on your new PC.install-office.jpg

Also, make sure to do a complete reset on that PC you plan to donate. Keep in mind that resetting might wipe out all of those other issues you’re having with the device and make it a reliable second device for your use. But no matter what, it’s important to do the rest.








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