The most important security step

There’s something you can do that can make life really hard for hackers who want to access your account. Whether it’s someone trying to guess how to get in, a crook using an automated program to crack your information or even sophisticated hackers that hack password files.  You can enable two-factor authentication. That means that anyone trying to get into your account will need to take additional steps beyond entering the username and password. This is often enough to make crooks just give up and look for an easier target.

Let’s look at how to enable it for Google. Enabling this for Google can help protect your Gmail information, Google Drive, and Android phone, as well as your YouTube and Google Chrome information.

To get started, click here:

You’ll be taken to this page. Click on Get Started.


Enter your username and password.


If you have a phone added to Your Devices, you can arrange to have the second step be responding to a notification sent to that phone. (Learn about Your Devices by clicking here.)


If you’d rather not use the phone, click on Choose another option. You’ll have a chance between a physical security key or receiving a text or a voice call with a code. The vast majority of you will choose the text message or voice call option.

text or voice call.jpg


Just supply a number and choose whether you want a text or a voice call. Then choose Next. One caution, though. Make sure you update this if you change your phone number. A code sent to the wrong number is of no help to you.


If you want to use the physical security key, you’ll need to purchase one separately. A Google-compatible security key will run you between $25 and $60.  Though, for most of you, a call or text with a code is sufficient.

When you choose the phone option, Google will then either call or text you with a one-time use code. Enter it and hit Next. Now, you’re all set.







One thought on “The most important security step

  1. Why does Google have to be so complicated and difficult to use for non-geeks?
    I have to change passwords frequently because my password “isn’t recognized ” more often than not.
    Now I can’t receive text codes on my Samsung Galaxy S7 which updated today.
    Really appreciate any help you can offer.

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