Windows 10 has a handy do-not-disturb mode called focus assist. This can prevent you from being annoyed by notifications or having a presentation or game interrupted by an alarm or message.

To open, type Focus assist in your search box and click on the result.


You’ll get this screen.


Your first choice is to decide which notifications you want to see. With Focus assist off, you’ll receive all notifications from apps and contacts. You can choose to receive only alarms that you’ve set or only your Priority notifications.


Click on Customize your priority list to set your priorities.

customize your priority list.jpg


You can choose how to receive calls, texts, reminders, and messages from Contacts.

customize your priority list-messages.jpg


To add a priority contact, click on Add contacts.


Type the name of a contact or scroll down to search. Just click the contact to add.


Those contacts will now be displayed under People.


To remove a contact from the list, click on it. You’ll see an option to remove.


Under Apps, you can choose which Apps you’d like notifications from.


Click on Add an app to select your priority apps.  Just scroll down to choose the apps by clicking.


Click the back arrow at the top to return to the main menu.


Under Automatic rules, you can set the times you don’t wish to be bothered by notifications. You can choose overnight.


Turn During these times on and you’ll be able to click on it and set the times when you don’t wish to be bothered by notifications.  You can set the hours, choose Daily, Weekdays, or Weekends, and choose to only see either Priority notifications or Alarms.


You can also choose to turn off notifications when you’re duplicating your display. Perhaps giving a presentation or playing a movie on a larger screen. As well as when you’re playing games. Check the box next to Show me a summary, and you’ll have a summary of what was missed available in your Notification center.