Money as You Grow is an educational site targeted at kids to help teach them how to live fiscally fit lives. 

It is divided up by age categories and offers up age appropriate activities to help kids learn the money skills that are right for their age bracket. 

The categories are young children, school-age to preteens, and teens to young adults covering all the things kids need to know to be fiscally fit at every age..

It covers lessons like how money is earned, that items cost money to buy, saving and investments, as well as internet safety and credit card use.  

I definitely could have used this growing up our parents taught us about saving, but not having been allowed to have a job besides school in high school the workplace was  a strange world. Not mention being target by predatory lenders and not fully comprehending how credit cards work. 

I think this is a great site to help kids learn about money in general, their income, and credit card use. Check it out today!