Microsoft Security checkup

Earlier this week, we took a look at how to do a security check-up for your Google account. Now, let’s look at how to make sure your Microsoft account is secure. If you have an Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, or LiveMail address, you have a Microsoft account. And nearly everyone who uses Windows has one as well. So let’s look at how to keep it safe. To begin your security checkup, click here:

You’ll be taken to this page. (If you aren’t already logged into your Microsoft account, you’ll have to supply your username and password. If you have any of the email addresses mentioned above, it should be the same as logging into your email.)


Click on Change password to update or change your password. You can also set it up so Windows forces you to change your password every 72 days.


Your next option is to update your security information.


It’s best if you add an alternate email address to your MS email in case you get locked out. Click Remove to remove an email address, but you’ll have to add another one first. There must be an email contact address. Click on Add security info to add email address or a phone.


You can choose to receive a text or a call with a code that can get you back into your account if you get locked out.


Or click the drop-down arrow to add additional email addresses.


If you add a phone number, you’ll receive a security code to enter to activate it.


To receive alerts about security issues with your account, click on Change alert options. You’ll automatically receive them at your Microsoft email address, but an alternate email address and phone number are a good idea in case there’s an issue with that account.


I’m set up to receive alerts at both my alternate email address and on my phone.


Next, let’s click on Review Activity.


It will show where and when your Microsoft account has been signed into and what type of activity took place. If you see a sign-in that you don’t recognize, your account may have been compromised.


Just checking out these basics can help make your device more secure.




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