Mixed up printer problems

Peg’s having an issue with her printer:

“I have a new problem that I haven’t seen a word on before. My printer started printing on the wide side of the paper instead of starting at the top of the narrow side. Any easy fix for this? I am grateful that the printer is still printing.”

My guess is that you’ve accidentally switched the printing orientation of your printer. Let’s see how to check this out on Windows 10. Type Printers & Scanners┬áin your search box and click on the result.


Click on your printer in the Printers & Scanners list. Select Manage.


Click Printing Preferences.


This menu will open. Choose Page Setup at the top.


Make sure you have Portrait mode selected as your default as well as the right paper size. Make sure to hit OK if you make any changes.


You can also double-check the print orientation when you print a document or image. For example, when I print from the Windows Mail app, I’m given this screen where I can check the orientation of the paper.


When printing a document, I get this screen. To see the orientation, I’ll need to click on Printer properties.


Then I can check the orientation.


I hope this helps!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Sometimes the information is buried and it isn’t always apparent where to look for problem resolution.

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