Love Meow

Do you love cats? I know I do. I didn’t at first, I grew up in a house with dogs and naturally became a dog person. But now I have a special place in my heart for my kitty friends as well. 

Currently we have four cats, our eldest is named Loki and he thinks he is a dog (he comes when he’s called, listens to commands, plays fetch, and loves our dogs). He was the cat that stole my heart and converted me to both a dog and a cat person. 

Needless to say when I saw this site I knew I had to share it with you!  To learn more about the sites goals and creation check out the About page. There you’ll meet the cats that run the joint and their human servant Amy. 

On the main page the first thing I noticed as I scrolled down the page were the bevvy of cat videos! I also really love the sites promotion of adopting cats and showing off rescues. 

Should you only want to look at cat videos or cat photos you can find links at the top that will point you to the sections devoted only to that. 

No matter how you choose to browse, there is a whole lot of adorableness in your future. Go check those kitties out today!


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