Grammarly for Outlook

Yesterday I told you all about the free Grammarly app which checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation for Microsoft Word and Outlook. The version of the app we’re looking at is only for Word and Outlook on a Windows PC. We’ll look at other options in later articles.  You can click here to learn how to download Grammarly for Office and get a tour of how it works with Word:

Today, we’ll check out how it works with the Outlook email client. This version of Grammarly is for the Outlook email client that comes with Office and not the online web interface of

Once you’ve installed Grammarly, open Outlook. You’ll notice that Grammarly is now an option in the ribbon menu at the top of your inbox.


A menu will appear at the top of the inbox. Click on Open Grammarly.


When you create a new email there will be a pane to the right of your inbox. Note that the Ctrl Z undo feature is not available while using the Grammarly add-on.


Grammarly will list all of the issues it finds in the pane.


Click the drop-down arrow next to the Plus sign to see details on why it was flagged and an issue. You can also click on More for additional information.


Just click on the green to make the corrected suggestion.


Or click the pen icon to the left.



And the error will be highlighted in your text in the message.


I like Grammarly better than the built-in checker that comes with Office. I think it’s more modern and more informative. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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