Clear unwanted programs from your PC

The tagline for PC Decrapifier is that it’s like TP for your PC. That’s because it clears off a lot of the unwanted crap that comes preloaded on a new PC. (Your PC doesn’t have to be new, this stuff could have been hanging around of a darn long time.)

Here’s how to get it. Just click this link to head to their site:

Be careful, because there’s a whole lot of crap on this site you don’t want to click. Not anything malicious, but a ton of ads that can lead you to other programs.  Make sure to click the Download tab at the top of the page.


You have a choice between the free version, a personal version with a $5 contribution, and a pro version that can be used on multiple PCs and in a commercial environment. Just click the Download button under Free to get started.


You’ll have to give permission for the file to run and then a wizard will pop up to guide you through the process. Click Analyze when you’re ready to start.


This could take a few minutes.


The program will break down programs into those it recommends you remove, questionable programs, and everything else. Review the programs to decide if you wish to keep them. Tick the box next to the ones you wish to remove and click on Remove Selected.


The program will ask you once more to confirm that you wish to delete the programs and offer you the option of creating a Windows restore point.


Or it might just tell you that there aren’t any programs on your PC it suggests removing.

nothing to remvoe.jpg


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