Disconnecting Facebook Log-in

Many of you may have used Facebook Log-in, the service that allows you to log into other websites using your Facebook account. While this is convenient, it does give those sites access to some of your Facebook information.

If you’ve used the service, you may not even remember which sites you gave permission to access the information. I’m going to show you how to check which sites use Facebook Log-in and how to remove the permissions.

I’ll show you how to check both with a browser and using the Facebook Mobile app. Let’s start with your browser. Open Facebook and look for that drop-down arrow at the top-right.


Settings will open.


In the left column, choose Apps and Websites.


You’ll see which apps and websites you’re logged into with your Facebook account.


For more information on the permissions granted, click View and edit under the name of the website or app.


You’ll be able to see what information is shared with the app and, in some cases, remove certain permissions. For example, here I can turn off access to my Friends list and my email address. But I’m required to share my public profile.


To remove the permissions entirely, just tick the box next to it and click the Remove button.


Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to check those permissions using the Facebook app on your phone.



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