Is your browser acting funny? Does it start up on a new home page you didn’t select or use a search engine you don’t want? Your browser may have been hijacked by a sneaky program that piggy-backed its way on to your PC.

The first step to getting rid of this unwanted guest is to remove the unwanted program. You can learn how to do that by clicking here:

But you’re not done. You’ll still need to remove any unwanted browser add-ons and to restore the correct home page. In Internet Explorer, start by clicking the gear menu at the upper right and choosing Manage add-ons.


Click Toolbars and Extensions. 


Now it’s time to look for suspicious add-ons that you didn’t authorize. Select the unwanted add-on and choose Disable.


You’ll also want to click on Search Providers to make sure no unwanted options have been added. Click on any search providers you didn’t authorize and select Disable.


You’ll then want to choose Internet Options from the Settings menu.


Select General and check under Home page. If you’re being redirected anywhere other than your preferred homepage, remove that address and put in your preferred place to start. Then hit OK.


Now, click that Advanced tab. Choose the Reset option.


To do a complete cleanout, tick the box next to Delete personal settings.