How to ask for help

I put out a call for reader questions and this was one of the responses I received:

“Cyn, all the info you give us is appreciated. Just keep doing what you have been doing – searching out info we miss and will benefit from. That is the best part. But for specifics, I guess it w/b help for miscellaneous PC problems. Maybe even a specific Help place, for our help needs/questions. I know I need help with so much your column would be devoted to me alone. So I know other seniors need help but just can’t phrase what they need help with, or just don’t know how to get the help. (Maybe even don’t know they need help.)”

Thank you for your kind words. If you have questions about anything, please click the Contact tab on the website or email me at  Even if you don’t think something is an actual problem and you just wish there was an easier way to do it.

One of my greatest frustrations is when I hear from a reader who has been putting up for years with an issue or a pet peeve because they don’t think it can be fixed, only to find out there’s a simple solution. If anyone isn’t sure how to phrase a question or complaint, do it the best you can. If I need more specifics, I’ll get back to you and I’ll figure out how to ask the questions in a way you understand. After all, I’m here to help you not the other way around.

I can give you some tips on asking questions. Always make sure to include the operating system. Is it Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS, or a Chromebook.

If we’re talking about an online issue, make sure to include the browser. Do you use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Chrome? (It’s okay if someone doesn’t know, I can help them figure it out.)

If it’s an email issue, include the name of your email provider and whether you access it by going to a website or from a program on your PC.

Details like this can make it easier to get to the root of the problem.

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