I had an inquiry from a reader about how one would go about setting up a Gmail account.

Let’s look at how simple it is to add an account at Gmail.com. Just open a browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, or Firefox and got to Gmail.com. Or click here.

You’ll be offered the choice to sign in, but you’ll want to click More options.


You might also see this screen:


Choose Create account.


Enter your name. Then pick an email (username) address and your password. Take note of the username and password. You’ll need this information to log into your account.


They also want gender, date of birth, a phone number, and an additional email address to contact you at. You aren’t required to enter the mobile phone number, but it can come in handy for security issues.


Then you have to agree to Google’s terms of use.


That’s all there is to it.  You can open your new inbox right away.


And now you add that email address to an email client program. You can access this email address from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.