Paper Jam

Is there anything more frustrating than printer problems? Not to me. Like the one encountered by this reader:

“My HP8600 printer keeps telling me I have a paper jam, but there is no paper jam. If I tell it ok and slam the paper tray real hard it clears. Really a pain if you’re trying to print a lot.”


The HP8600 seems to have a problem with false paper jam issues. It sounds as if the issue is connected to a faulty sensor in some HP 8600 models. Many people report that keeping no more than 10 or 15 sheets in the paper tray can help the issue.

HP also suggests that you look inside your printer with a flashlight in case there’s just a speck of paper in there and to try cleaning the paper feed rollers in case there’s some dirt or debris stuck in them.

There’s also a possibility that the problem is caused by another mechanical issue like a bad screen. But if it clears up when you slam the paper tray, it makes me suspect that the sensor is to blame.  There’s a long and pretty angry thread about this issue over in the HP Forum.  Click here to read more:

Unless the printer is under warranty, it seems the best people are able to get out of HP is a discount on a new printer.

Sorry, I can’t offer you a better solution.

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