Email scam alert

Since a lot of us are expecting packages this time of year, I thought I’d show you a scam-tastic email I received today. I actually opened this up and got a look at the contents because I am expecting a package and the subject line was Package Delivery.


Turns out this wasn’t about the scarf I’m expecting from Denmark. This email tells the amazing story of ten million dollars that is waiting for me at the airport in Atlanta because someone failed to pay a non-existent clearance fee.


To claim my fabulous cash prize, all I need to is provide some information including my phone number, address, and a copy of my driver’s license or passport. (Why yes, I’d absolutely love to help you steal my identity!)


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if your bank account information was required for this transaction but I didn’t reply, so I can’t say for sure. But if crooks could just get the information they asked for, they’d already have more than enough to steal your identity. I’m pretty sure my readers aren’t going to fall for this but I promise you there are plenty of people out there who might. This certainly won’t be the first “package delivery” scam of the season. Make sure to keep an eye out for tricks like this and to make folks you think might fall for scams like this aware of them.




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