Kroger coupon scam

I almost feel the title of this article could be Coupon Scam: Part 107. Because when it comes to coupon scams, there really is nothing new under the sun. Just the same tired old scams that people fall for over and over again. Let’s take a look at the latest grocery store scam that popped up in my Facebook feed a few dozen times in the past few days.


This scam promises a $55 Kroger coupon to everyone who shares the picture. Sounds legit right? I mean, Kroger has enough money lying around to give a few million people $55 bucks off a purchase of $55?  Whatever you receive in your inbox after sharing this post, I can guarantee you that it’s not a valid Kroger coupon (or Aldi, or Kohl’s or Tesco, or Dollar General or wherever it is you shop.) Clicking on any links you get in response to sharing this coupon will most likely load up your PC or phone with malware that just might steal your banking information. There’s zero percent chance you’ll save any money and a fairly good chance, you’ll enable someone to steal it from you.

The poor folks at Kroger are constantly having to fight off coupon scams like this and one that was circulating for Black Friday.


Kroger never shares coupons on Facebook. (Most big companies don’t.) For Kroger coupons, you can download their app or go to their website. When you share scams like this you not only expose yourself to potential malware or ID theft, you also expose your friends. So think before you share.

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