As an advocate for life-long learning, there was no way that I couldn’t share this site with you! I’ve been looking for something I can do while I’m on vacation around the Christmas holidays. When I found this I got really excited because there were some courses that run as short as two weeks!

This site offers free courses (you have access to the course for its duration + 14 days, regardless of when you join) across a wide spectrum of topics! I have two recommendations for getting started:

  • Select a short course. You have the option of selecting course by duration. It’s probably the best bet to start with a short course so you can get a taste of how everything works.
  • Select a category that is interesting to you. They offer a wide variety of options: Business & Management, Creative Arts & Media, Health & Psychology, History, Languages & Cultures, Law, Literature, Nature & Environment, Politics & Modern World, Science, Engineering & Maths, Study Skills, Teaching, and Tech & Coding.

Each course tile will tell you how many weeks the course runs, and how many hours per week you can expect to devote to it. On the main page, you’ll also find a selection of upcoming courses.

This is a great way to learn new things at your own discretion. Go check it out for yourself and see what might strike your fancy.


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