Bypass Facebook?

A reader has a Facebook question:

“I keep getting emails about the Facebook algorithm that only lets a few of your friends see my posts. I do not have a touch screen computer or a smartphone. How can I bypass the system to get the new newsfeed?”

I’m guessing you’re talking about the post below which claims Facebook only lets you see posts from 25 people and that by copying and pasting this post you’ll get a whole new newsfeed.


Here’s the real deal. There’s no secret trick to beating Facebook or getting a whole new newsfeed. (Though if you wanted to copy/paste something from a Facebook post, just highlight it like you would text in a document and click Ctrl + C. Then start a new post and click Ctrl + V to paste.)

Doing what the post suggests might temporarily change what you see in your feed, and here’s why. Facebook shows you more posts from friends you interact with frequently. That means leaving comments and liking their posts. Leaving a comment under someone’s post like suggested above will make them turn up more often in your feed. As long as you keep commenting and reacting to their posts. Once you stop, they’ll turn up less often in your feed.  If friends want to see more of you in their news feed, they need to comment and like your posts.

Now, you can pick 25 favorite friends that you’d like to see more of but that doesn’t limit you to only seeing those 25 people. And if you don’t interact with their posts, you’ll see a lot less of them.

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