If you use a smartphone or tablet or use a touchscreen PC, you’re probably familiar with a predictive keyboard. A predictive keyboard offers suggestions for words based on words you frequently use when typing. Here’s an example on my phone:


This can man typing go substantially faster once your device learns some of your most used phrases. You can also enable this feature on your Windows 10 PC using a physical keyboard.

Open the Start Menu and select Settings.


Then choose Devices.


Select Typing and then scroll down to Hardware keyboard. Turn on Show text suggestions. You also have the option to turn on Autocorrect.


Here’s an example of the predictive keyboard in NotePad. To choose a word, just click on it and it will be added to the document.


You’ll see suggestions in programs like WordPad, NotePad, Word, Outlook, the Windows Mail App and more. You won’t see the option when typing into fields in a browser.