I stumbled onto this art gallery while I was searching for ice sculptures, and knew I had to share it with all of you! 

Navigation is a little different at the site. You land right on the gallery for the Ice Age Art. You’ll use the slider bar to move between the objects in the gallery, and then once you’ve picked one that you want to learn more about you’ll click the title of the object. You’ll find the titles of the pieces, just above the “click title above for more information” text. If using the slider bar scrolls through the objects too quickly, you can just use the arrows on either end of the slider bar to move slowly through all the items. 

Once you click the title of the piece, it will generate the information for it beneath it. You’ll discover the date of the piece, any information about it, what museum it is at, and the size of the piece. 

If you want more information about Ice Age Art, check out the side menu on the left. Click Ice Age Art, and new categories will drop down. They are: the Introduction, the link back to the Ice Age Art Gallery, the Jill Cook Interview, the Cycladic Sculptures Introduction, and the Cycladic Gallery.

I highly recommend that you check all of these sections out, especially the video interview with Jill Cook. It’s very interesting and discusses the danger of interpreting the pieces in a sort of universal way and how some of the pieces are in their natural state (meaning no human tooled them and they were found that way in nature). 

I hope you’ll check out this amazing art gallery and enjoy it as much as I did!