Live-Stream causes issues

A reader is having some issues live-streaming.

“I did the cord cutting thing and went with Philo like you suggested. It’s still the only service that doesn’t charge a small fortune for the channels I watch. I just miss CNN. However, I live-stream through my computer most of the time. I had been doing that with Directv before I cut the cord. There seems to be a problem with doing that for long periods of time. Sometimes, when I try to change channels or go out of Philo entirely, the response to the mouse is really long or I get a comment that some program is not responding. I have it on all night but since the computer is next to my bed I can turn the volume way down. Sometimes, when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I just restart the computer and that seems to help. The TV is attached to an antenna for local stations that I watch during the day. That way I can use the computer for normal stuff during the day. Using the computer for live-streaming seems to be simpler than trying to cast to the TV since I only do live-streaming. It’s a Dell Windows 10 and I use Chrome as a browser. Is it really a problem to have the computer on most of the time or live-stream through it for hours? Is there a better way? Wi-fi is good most of the time, If not I can use 4g on my phone but the sound is so bad. Sorry this so long and rambling.”

Streaming really does take up a lot of resources on your PC. That’s why a streaming device like a Roku is often a better idea because it can devote all of its memory to keeping the Livestream going.  I’m not sure how fast your PC’s processor is, but the faster the processor, the better-quality streaming you’ll get. One trick you might try is to clear the cache for Chrome every day. Just press the Ctrl + Shift + Del keys to get this window.  Tick the box next to Cached images and files and then choose Clear data.


Also, make sure you close down any other programs that might be running in the background. Trying to use other programs and stream programming at the same time might be putting a strain on your computer.

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