It took a long time for me to value discussion as a part of learning. I’ve always been more inclined to studying hard, and accumulating facts that I could regurgitate as a good tester. Now, most of my education revolves around discussion. As individuals we read the assigned materials, both primary and secondary, and then we come to class and discuss. Discussion is where “class” happens.

As an introvert, that is seriously terrifying at times, but I’ve come to realize how valuable it is to have a safe space to test out our ideas among out peers. When I found Vialogues my first thought was about how useful it could be for generating that discussion. 

Take a subject that’s intimidating (for us that’s any complex theory that we feel like we’re expected to just get) and then create a vialogue or video dialogue and we can workshop those ideas together. That’s the entire premise.

Check out how each step works by clicking on the image for each number.  They’re linked to the help pages for Create, Invite, Interact, and Share.

If you decide that this is a tool you can use, all you have to do is click either the red Sign Up button, or the Create an EduLab Account link at the top of the page. Then you’ll fill out the form with your information and click the blue Create an EdLab Account button. It’s just that easy! 

I’m looking forward to using this in the future to workshop hard concepts with the other members of my cohort! What will you use it for?