The scariest scam ever

I told you a few weeks ago about a new blackmail scam where crooks claimed to have compromising photos of the folks they targeted. (Click here to read about that.)

Now these creeps have upped their game. You probably heard that they targeted hundreds of thousands of businesses across the U.S. and Canada with bomb threats. They claimed bombs would be detonated unless the victims paid a ransom. These threats caused evacuations and panic.

Now, these scumbags have randomly sent threatening emails to even more people. This time they are threatening to attack the victims with acid unless a ransom is paid.  Security experts at Cisco Talos have traced all of these scams to the same IP address.


The important thing to remember if you receive a threat like this is that is is a big, fat, scam. Also, you’re being targeted randomly. These thieves threaten millions of folks, they don’t have it in for you and they have no idea where you are. So, don’t panic. Don’t be afraid. This is just the lowest of the low casting a wide net in hopes of snaring someone.


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