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A reader who’s making the switch from a Windows 7 PC to a Windows 10 PC wanted to know if I had any advice on where to start with a Windows 10 PC. I’m working on a update to my Windows 10 guide that will include the changes in the Fall 2018 update, but I won’t suggest getting the guide until it’s updated.

Another reader writes: “I have a new computer with windows 10. Trying to make my printer work. Instructions say “open settings app from start menu”. I have no start
button. Help!”

My best bit of advice for Windows 10 is to start with the Start Menu. It’s the place where you can most easily navigate your PC. Click on the Start button at the far left to begin. The Windows 10 Start button looks a bit different from the button in previous versions. It’s square as opposed to round and doesn’t stand out at all.  You’ll find it in the usual place, the lower-left corner of your desktop.


Click on the button to open. Make sure to click the square button and not the search box. Clicking the search box will bring up Search, as shown below.


Clicking the Start button brings up the Start Menu.


Let’s take a look at the default look for the Start Menu. You’ll see Recently added apps and a list of all apps in alphabetical order. Just click on any of the apps to open.


On the left side you’ll see some icons. These are shortcuts for Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Settings, and your Power Options. Click on them to open your options.


To search for anything, including files, programs, documents, etc…  Just type what you’re looking for in the Search box. Then click on the results.


The reader with the printer issue would just select the Settings icons to open the Settings menu.


I hope this is enough to get everyone started.

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