What should I do?

A reader is confused about some changes with Yahoo! She writes:

“When I sign on, I get messages to change my browser (I’m using IE now & Yahoo as homepage). I don’t know what to do. Will IE disappear in Jan 2019? Or? Can I continue using Yahoo as my home page on other browsers like you showed, and my Yahoo email? I don’t like Firefox’s home page setup. And I won’t use Google (Chrome) for anything if I can help it, I just don’t like their attitude regarding security of my information. I not too keen on Edge either. Is Safari just for Mac users? What would you do?”

Here’s a look at the warning she’s seeing:


Here’s what’s going on. Yahoo Mail is no longer supported in Internet Explorer. That means that some features of your inbox won’t display properly. Yahoo presents three options, downloading Google Chrome or Firefox or continuing with Classic Mail.  Any of these steps is a good option. But if you’re happy with Internet Explorer and don’t mind doing without some of the advanced Yahoo Mail features, go ahead and choose to continue with the classic version of Yahoo Mail.

It won’t affect using Yahoo as a search engine.  You can choose Yahoo (or any other page you like) as your homepage on any browser you choose. Internet Explorer isn’t going anywhere just yet. Microsoft will support Internet Explorer 11 for the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean that every site out there will continue to be compatible with the browser.

You certainly have the option of downloading Safari for PC. As for what I would do? I have Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari on my PC. I switch back and forth between them depending on the task. If I have issues with a site or a task using one browser, I always switch immediately to another. I’ve found some browser are better at certain tasks. I’ve got no loyalty when it comes to using browsers. Whichever works best.

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