Be careful what you share

I’ve warned you before about being cautious about what you share online. Anyone can say anything about anyone. Here’s an example from the UK.

A man named Stephen Dure, who claimed that he was a pedophile hunter posted the following accusation along with some photographs of the man he was accusing:


He claimed the man was known to groom teenagers and bully women and was a massive danger to society. Over 100,000 people viewed the post and many proceeded to share it.

What’s worse, is that some of those people took it upon themselves to threaten to harm both the girlfriend and the pet of the man accused in the post. His front door was spraypainted, a brick was thrown through his window, and he even lost his job.

Dure later admitted before a judge that he made up the accusation that Mr. Farhad was a pedophile. He was angry about an online comment, Farhad had made about his sister.

Sharing unconfirmed accusations could get someone hurt or even killed. It’s always best to think before you share.


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