Make a movie in Windows 10

Yesterday, I introduced you to the video-making capabilities of the Windows 10 Photo app. (Click here to read that article.)  Today, we’ll look at how you go about creating a custom video from scratch.

Start by opening the Photos app.


At the top, click Create.


Choose Custom video with music.


You can then select which images or video clips to use in the project. Just tick the box next to them. Don’t worry about adding them all at once, you can add more later.


Then click Create at the top.


Name your project and then hit OK.


Here’s what your timeline looks like.


To add additional images or videos, go to the Project library at the upper left and click on Add photos and videos.


You can choose from files on the PC or items added to the Photos app collection.


Here, I’ll select photos from my photos files. You can also add video. Just click Open when you are finished.


Your videos and photos will be displayed in the Project Library at the upper-left.


To place items in your video, you’ll drag them down to the Storyboard. Just click in the Project library and drop into the Storyboard.


Your video will live-update at the top right to show you what you have in the Storyboard.


To arrange items in the Storyboard, just click and drag.

storyboard-move.jpgIn the next part of this article, we’ll look at how to add effects, text and more to your video.

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