Views from the Top

You know I love an aerial overhead view, so when I found this site that looks at 11 different location from a bird’s eye view you know I had to share with you!

A Google Arts & Culture Editorial Feature where you’ll enjoy panoramas from the roofs of iconic buildings around the world. To navigate the site all you must do is scroll down through the 11 featured locations. To interact with a panorama in a specific location click the orange person in the center of the image and the panoramic shot will load.

Once in the panorama, you’ll use your mouse to change your viewpoint by clicking and dragging the image. On the bottom right of the screen you can zoom in and out of the image, use the compass to rotate the image, or use the numbered options to change where the view is at in a certain location. To get back to the other locations click the back arrow near the Google Arts & Culture logo on the page.

One of my favorite locations is the Rmn-Grand Palais in Paris, France. Not only did they capture an amazing view of the city from the rooftop, but when you click the N2 option, you’ll be inside the glass-domed building and able to check out all the intricate details like the tiled floor at the bottom of the staircase, and if you’re like me you’ll have a longing to be the person staring up at the bottom of that staircase!

Go check out these amazing locations for yourself today!

PS: The Tahj Mahal is also a spectacular location to investigate!


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