Android slow charging tip

My Galaxy Android phone features a fast-charging feature that I absolutely love.


But then I started to get this slow charging notification. Sometimes my phone would not fully charge after being connected to a charger overnight.


This can be caused by the charger not being plugged fully into the outlet or even by an extension cord or power strip it’s plugged into not being fully plugged into the wall.  I was using the original plug that came with the phone, so a knock-off plug was not the issue. I noticed that the problem sometimes cleared up if I plugged and unplugged the charger a few times. I was beginning to think the charging port on the phone was the issue because I was having the problem two separate chargers.

But I noticed the problem didn’t exist on my car charger. So I went back and took a closer look at my two chargers in the house. The cords were the same brand and had been purchased at roughly the same time, as the original cords that came with the phone were too short for our needs.  Closer examination revealed that both cords had a tiny bit of damage right at the neck where the cord meets the plug (the place where charger cords are the most vulnerable).

So, I picked up a new cord at the store. Like magic, the slow charging problem went away!

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