Monitor cuts off Windows 10 display

A reader is having an issue with the display being cut off while using a laptop with a monitor:

“When I maximize my excel spreadsheet, the borders are not within the viewing area of the desktop. Do you know if there is a fix for this?  A 21.5” monitor is being used with the laptop. Both are HP. The display is set to the recommended, highest setting.
A factory reset was done also. I included a screenshot of the desktop icons after an auto- arrange was done. “

Thanks for the helpful info. Here’s a solution that might help. If you’re using a TV as a monitor, try opening the settings on the TV and looking for advanced features. Look for the Overscan option and turn it off. On some TVs, it might be called Screen Fit or Just Scan.

Or, you can try fixing the problem from your computer if you have an Intel processor. Right-click in a blank spot on our desktop and select Intel Graphics from the drop-down menu.


When the Intel menu opens, choose Display.


Select your display from the drop-down menu.


Then click on Customize aspect ratio.


Adjust the slider bar to the right until your picture fits properly. Then choose Apply.


Let me know if any of these suggestions help.

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