Have you ever wondered where a movie you’re watching was filmed? I think I first got interested in film locations while watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The landscapes in those films are just breathtaking. Since then, whenever a place resonates with me in a film, I want to know where it was shot at.

With this site, you can find out where your favorite movies were filmed at, or you can just check out the locations they’ve written up if you don’t have a movie in mind.

To search for a specific film, you’ll need to scroll down the page a little bit to where you see four grey bars. They allow you Browse by Film Title, Actor/Director, Film Location, or to Search. You can also check out all the featured content on the main page.

Once you’ve selected something to check out, you’ll be whisked away to a page filled with images of the location, information about the movie, and how the location was used in the film.

This is a really cool way to dig deeper into your favorite movies! Go check it out for yourself today!