The Unknown Face

The Unknown Face memorializes the stories and faces of all those who have lost their lives in WWI in an amazing digital collection.

When you arrive at the site the introduction will play through and explain the purpose of the project and what you’ll find here.  I’ll do my best to summarize but I recommend watching it and not skipping through on your first visit.

They’ve collected thousands of portraits of victims of the Great War to compile a single portrait of the Unknown Soldier’s face.

If that wasn’t a cool enough way to remember them, the next section Stories, allows you to dive into the history of particular people’s lives who were part of that composite portrait.

The Project section is a video of the leaders of the project explaining how the project came to be, why it is important, and how they compiled the composite portrait from thousands of portraits. This is well worth a watch and also allows you to see how the exhibit was set up in France and how patrons would interact with it in person.


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