I came across a really neat site that could suck up a lot of my time in the new year. Instructables offers instructional videos for everything from baking bread to knitting a blanket to woodworking projects to building a computer.

Some projects are super-simple like making easy planters or Christmas ornaments. Others would be quite an accomplishment to complete. There are even tutorials for games like Minecraft.

When you arrive at the landing page you can search for projects or browse categories like  Technology, Workshop, Home, Craft, Food, Play, & Outdoors. The neat thing about these videos is that they are user-generated content. That means you can contribute a video if you have a skill to show off.

There are also contests based around particular themes like comfort food and cardboard. I’ll let you know how my LED tabletop fireplace turns out.

Click here to get started on your next project:


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