Messenger: change chat colors

Here’s a fun way to customize your Facebook Messenger chats that can also help to clear up some confusion. It’s super-easy to change to color of your chat windows. Let’s learn how.

First, I’ll show you how to do it in a browser. Open an existing chat window and click on the little gear icon in the upper right corner of the chat window.


Then choose Color.


Select one of the 15 available colors. The color won’t just change for you. The person or group you’re chatting with will also see the color change.


Here’s an example of a changed window. Remember, the color is only changed for that particular conversation.


Another option is to change the nicknames.


Click on a name.


Then type in a nickname. Since everyone that’s part of the conversation will see this, don’t decide to call someone Jerk Face. Click Save when you’re finished.


You may not see the change until you close and restart your browser.


To make these changes on the mobile app, open a conversation and tap the “i” in the upper-right corner.


Then choose Color or Nicknames.


You have an additional option in the mobile app. You can change the acknowledgment emoji. By default, it’s a thumbs-up.


There’s a pretty good selection of alternatives to choose from. Swipe right to see all the choices. Tap on the one you want.


Your changed emoji will appear at the bottom right of the window.


I find the colors handy because I often have multiple chat conversations going at the same time and it’s a good way to help separate the conversations.


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