Email won’t send

A reader is coping with a misbehaving inbox:

“I have been having this problem now for a couple of weeks. Each time when I close my email folder, I get the message that I have mail in the outgoing mail and would I like to send it. I started clicking on YES then switched to Clicking on NO. But the next time, there is the same message.

I’m able to send my emails. when I click on Send, it does send the mail on its way.

Hope that there is a simple way of fixing this, and also hope that I have written the problem so that you can understand it. Thanks for even reading this.”


I’m glad to help. It’s literally my job. Normally, when I see this error, I suspect outgoing server settings in your email client. But since your other mail is sending without issues, my guess is that you’ve got something stuck in your outbox.

I’ll demonstrate where to look using the Outlook email client. Open your inbox and look for a folder called Outbox.


My guess is that you’ll find there is an unsent message. There could be various reasons that a message hasn’t sent. A problem with the address or an attachment that’s too large. You can check the message to determine what the issue is and decide if you want to attempt to send it again. Deleting it from your Outbox should take care of the immediate problem.



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