Google Calendar: Remove shared access

A reader wants to remove shared access to a calendar.

“Your two past tips were very much appreciated. It is so great to get advice you can trust and is easily followed!! I have one more for you. How does one remove a person’s access to a calendar that is shared?”

First, let me thank you for the compliment. Trustworthy advice that’s easy to follow is our business here at Cyn’s Tech Tips.

Let’s start by opening Google Calendar.


If your calendars aren’t already displayed in the pane on the left, click on the arrow next to My calendars.

my calendars.jpg

Hover over the shared calendar. Click the 3-dot menu button.

my calendars-shared-three-dot.jpg

Click on Settings and Sharing.


Scroll down to Share with specific people.


Click the X next to the name of the person you wish to stop sharing the calendar with.






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