Let’s check out the latest social media grocery scam. This one promises that grocery store Kroger is giving away $100 vouchers to folks who’ve shared and commented on a post.



If you look closely, you’ll see this post isn’t from Kroger but from something called Kroger USA Club.


When you head to the Kroger USA Club, you’ll notice it’s missing the blue checkmark that verifies a genuine page. The real Kroger page is on the left. The fake one on the right.


The Kroger Club page only has three posts. One of them is a similar scam for Red Lobster where they couldn’t even bother to spell Red Lobster right.


If you follow the directions and they send something to your inbox, DO NOT CLICK ON IT.  If you see any links associated with posts of this kind, DO NOT CLICK ON THEM. You’ll likely end up downloading malware onto your device. You can also expect to be hit up with scam messages because the fakers have already determined that you’re susceptible to falling for cons.

No grocery chain gives away coupons or vouchers this way. You need to be smart and protect yourself.